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Sumangalam Caterers is a renowned caterers in Bhubaneswar. Besides providing catering services in Bhubaneswar, it also provides event management services. It mainly organizes corporate events. If a company needs to promote its brand, it takes help of Sumangalam Caterers in order to organize the brand promotion event. It is counted as one of the best event management companies in Bhubaneswar. Catering services in Bhubaneswar is known by the name of Sumangalam. It is the best marriage caterers in Bhubaneswar. The food items are delicious and lip-smacking.

Sumangalam Caterers is passionate in performing well by doing productive work by rendering fast, reliable and accurate event solutions. It was set up in the year 2010. It is a full-fledged event management company which is striving to create extraordinary event experiences.

Being the best caterer in the temple city, Sumangalam Caterers can customize their menu according to your requirements. Despite their focus on the corporate market, they dedicate equal attention to exhibitions.

Catering is the business of rendering food service at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, hospital, pub, aircraft, cruise ship, park, filming site or studio, entertainment site or event venue. There are different types of catering, such as mobile catering, seat-back catering, shipboard catering, wedding catering in bhubaneswar, reception catering, birthday catering, thread ceremony catering, outdoor catering, ring ceremony catering, ghar pratistha catering, entertainment event catering and corporate catering.

A mobile caterer serves food directly from a vehicle, cart or truck which is designed for the same. Mobile catering is more popular at outdoor events such as concerts, workplaces, and downtown business districts.

A wedding caterer makes food available to the wedding party. The wedding caterer can be hired independently or can be a part of a package framed by the venue.

Promoting good health and well-being is the ultimate focus of Sumangalam Caterers. It creates the perfect environment to achieve their targets conveniently.

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Promoting good health and well being is our ultimate focus, and we create the perfect environment to achieve our targets easily !.